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MessageSujet: RULES Of THE CHAMPIONSHIP   Dim 12 Aoû - 9:09

Rules of the Series and scores

we will try to make 8 players in each series at the beginning

the first Series qualify 4 players
the second Series qualify 3 players
the third Series qualify 2 players ( this turn is subject to number of players at the beginning )
And the final whit all players stand .

the number of each series will depend of the number of players.

A possible change in the calculation of the players will give a Series with more or less players in each Series.


each players gains from 1 to 8 points -> 8points for 1st and 1point for the last.
The Referees let us tighten the "hoster" (it mean, the people who will open the server of the championship).
A print-screen tightened taken has each end of track for the classification, as that no complaint could be possible.
A classification tightened carried out and put on line on the site and on the forum.

Times and number of track by Series

7track to 7min by Series give chance to all players

a) to discover the track
b) to batle for the score
c) to have just 1h tournament by evening (7map x7min = 49min + reception and exit) .

Rules of Track

we will play on map to only create for the championship.
The track will not comprise any "CUT" , the track guy, as well as the Tester takes care of that.
The map let us not tighten playable or downloadable before the beginning of the Championship.
That will avoid any conflict with regard to the fact that one or other likes or not the played Track.

Rules of disciplines

the players will have to be sympathetic and a minimum of "chat" tightened asked.
As the tournaments is begun if a player is disturbing, it will receive a warning
2 warning from the organizer = disqualification!
the warning are valid throughout tournament thus if you are warned 1 time at the time of the 1st series and then 1 time at the time of the 3rd series, you are disqualified!
the "hoster"(in other words, the people who will open the server of the championship) let us tighten the referees and thus will note those which one received a warning.
the respect fronts any thing, as well as the fair play is required, have is all for to amuse and not to balance a bed words which would end up poisoning the tournament.
Fun Fun Fun with the program.

Rules of Server

each turn of Series will have its server with changed password (to avoid the possible disturber), and in any event, if a player can enter and if he not in the list,to tightened Ban automatically!
each server of each Series will have an pass word changed.
the players concerned in the Serie will receive a MP with the password and the number of the server .
the name of each Server will be like this
WTC1=server1 , WTC2=server2, ...

the server will start 15min berfore the hour given and will remain on the Welcome track end to starting with hour known as!

No waiting ! "the hour is the hour, after the hour is too late.."
no restart when the Chamionship is started on the 1st track.

if a player arrives in the course of tournament it will have the last place of the map already played, and thus 1point.

Rules of players

the players less or equal to Ladder 500 are allowed.
each Series will have a head of series, followed by 2 the best classified and then a random pulling of the players remaining.

a) that will prevent that the best meets with the 1st turn
b) will give a chance to weakest of "try" with best

Rules of Date and hours

the date will be fixed and maintained, no date will be thus changed and no-one hour opening of series.
that requires a large organization, therefore nothing will be changed.


Equip of WTC
World Trackmania Championship
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